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Our very first belt, the Mini Sport Belt, was born out of necessity on the track around a golf course where I walk and run daily. I am a mother of three who usually tries to squeeze my workout in the morning between dropping my kids off at school and going to work. Since I am a concerned parent, I always end up with my cell phone in one hand and keys in the other. It was very uncomfortable and impractical!

I was looking for a solution to keep my hands free. I searched the internet and stores around me for a running belt, but could not find the right belt to carry my personal items. The belts I found either were too bulky, would bounce, or didn’t function as I expected. After much searching, I realized that I would have to create what I envisioned myself. I wanted something small, cool, sleek, and comfortable without compromising on performance.

I made the first prototype of my ideal belt out of my kids’ stretchy book cover. My husband loved the idea since running is also part of his daily routine. My inspiration and energy came from realizing that, like me, there are many people who would find this belt extremely useful and comfortable.

After months of testing and perfecting our product, we came up with the Mini Sport Belt. We patented the idea and started production.
It has been an amazing and rewarding journey. The reaction from everyone who has used our Mini Sport Belt has been so great and positive. We were thrilled! We see it as a mission to bring our “mini invention” to the market, knowing so many people will benefit from this unique belt.

Since we began in 2008, we have worked very hard to keep our mission for innovative, high quality products alive and well for you, our loyal customers. Our line of products has been growing and going strong. My passion for excellence drives me to create the highest quality products in the market and have the most comfortable accessories for all athletes. It is a job that never ends! We have introduced new products and upgraded others to follow the trends (like bigger phones) and stayed ahead of the curve. Our line of products is now used by many happy runners, triathletes, cyclists, and more!

From 2010 to 2013, we were honored to be the official running belt for runDisneyTM and be endorsed by legendary runner, Jeff Galloway. We are proud to be able to give back to the community. This is the fifth year that we have partnered with the 26.2 Run with Donna Marathon to join the fight to finish breast cancer, donating 20% of the proceeds from our branded belts to this amazing organization! We have also supported many other worthy causes across the nation and will continue to support these and many other wonderful charities in the future.

We have experienced tremendous growth in the last few years, both nationally and internationally. As a result, we saw the need to rebrand, to find a name that would resonate better with our retailers and customers.
In mid-2013, iFitness changed to Fitletic. We believe that the name change better captures the company’s mission of providing premium ergonomically designed endurance accessories that allow fitness enthusiasts and athletes to unleash their performance potential. Although our name has changed, we assure you that the quality, comfort and innovation our company is known for remains the same.

We welcome any comments and suggestions you may have; we see you as the key to the future of our company. We are looking forward to an exciting future of growth and continued innovation to give you the best running gear on the market!

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Founder of Fitletic

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