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Candy Cheung

    Candy is a registered nurse and enjoys taking care of her San Francisco community by volunteering
    when she’s not busy at the hospital. She loves trail running, lifting weights, and indoor bouldering.
    She spends a lot of her time training for Spartan Races, which are her favorite to compete in.

    Active Lifestyle:
    Wrapping up her 2018 racing season, Candy traveled to 16 different states, competed in 15
    Spartan Races, one half marathon, and a simple 10k. We don’t know how she did it all on top of
    work and going to grad school to become a nurse practitioner, but as we always say, “The only limits
    that exist are the ones that you create.”

    2019 Goals:
    Her goals for 2019 include racing around the world as she plans to do some international Spartan
    Races. She wants to pass all her grad school classes, and stay healthy!

    Belt of Choice: 360 Running Belt 
    Candy loves all our running belts because they sit well, don’t bounce, and fit everything that she
    needs. Her favorite belt is the 360 Running Belt.

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