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Deborah Kuri

    Deborah has fallen in love with exercising. Her and her sister Denisse always love to train together
    and support each other on their fitness journeys. She is a triathlete and marathoner, and just
    finished her first Ironman 70.3. When she’s not breaking a sweat she puts her time towards her
    practice. She is a reiki therapist and does community service at Tijuana’s General Hospital every
    Tuesday for kids burdened with cancer.

    Active Lifestyle:
    Currently training for a 110 km walk across Baja California. Deborah likes to set fitness goals like
    this often to keep her motivated, healthy and in the right state of mind. 2018 has been a pretty
    active year for her and it will be hard to compare since she was able to finish her first Iron-man 70.3,
    but she is looking forward to her third marathon in June, Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego, and
    any other races/activities that keep her moving and inspired.

    2019 Goals:
    Excited for 2019, Deborah is setting a goal to set a new personal record for herself in San Diego,
    and is eager to finish the 110 km across Baja. She also wants to expand her reiki business in hopes
    she can reach more souls to open up to energy work and heal from within.

    Belt of Choice: Ultimate Running Belt I
    She has used the Ultimate Running Belt in every race, it’s comfortable holds all the stuff she needs
    for her races: iPhone, headphones, gels, waffles, tissue paper, gum, and water.

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