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Denisse Kuri

    Denisse is an amazing woman with a huge heart. Every week for the past 7 years on Tuesdays &
    Saturdays she has volunteered at the hospital. She does reiki for oncology patients, mainly
    children. Eight years ago due to a car accident she broke her spine into two, and had to have spinal
    surgery. Doctors still don’t get how she is alive and walking and even running today. After this
    experience she had to learn how to walk again, and that is where the start of her running journey
    began. With a new perspective, Denisse is grateful and thankful to be able to do all the things she
    does since she knows there are people that want to but can not.

    Active Lifestyle:
    Starting with 5k’s, then 10k’s, Half Marathons and then incorporating hikes up to 110 km long,
    Denisse is always staying active. She loves training with her sister Deborah, and together they
    inspire each other to be accountable and stay moving.

    2019 Goals:
    For 2019, Denisse is setting her goals high. She wants to complete the Travesia Baja Coast to
    Coast, which is 110 km in three days walking and hiking through beautiful Baja. She said, “This is
    by far the hardest race I have participated in, I’ve done it two times and will achieve it for the third
    time this year.”

    Belt of Choice: Neo II Running Belt
    Denisse’s belt of choice is our double pouched Neo II running belt. She likes it most for when she is
    running longer races.

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