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Heather Bode

    Heather has many different facets to her positive personality. She runs, climbs, hikes, is a
    photographer, has a passion for art culture, is a huge sci-fi nerd, but also routes for the Seattle
    SeaHawks. Heather likes to collect life experiences, and it’s tough to put her in a box.

    Active Lifestyle:
    The way Heather stays active is by training 3-4 days a week both on trails and on roads. She rock
    climbs both indoor and outdoor, and occasionally does structured workouts. Heather is really
    involved in the obstacle course racing (OCR) community! She hosts a podcast called Overcome and
    Run all about OCR, and after running about 20-30 OCRs a year, she has gotten super connected
    into the community.

    2019 Goals:
    Heather’s biggest fitness goal for 2019 is to get 60 or more miles at the World’s Toughest Mudder
    Race in November. She would also like to reach the podium at a Spartan race, and qualify for the
    OCR World Championships. In her personal life, she wants to have another successful year with
    her photography business and travel more.

    Belt of Choice: Hydra 16 
    Frequently running mid-length runs (8-10 miles), the Hydra 16 is the perfect hydration belt to
    carry everything she needs comfortably.

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