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Jess Perry

    Jess is a mom of 4 who is following her dream of competing at a high level for triathlons, and
    somehow she has found a way to make that dream come alive. She has been involved with the
    endurance community for years in Utah. She started as a runner and then switched to over
    triathlons. She is the co-founder of the Intermountain Tri Club, which is now going into its second
    year operating, and it will now be the largest Tri Club in Utah. Jess puts in about 20 hours a week of
    training, yet still find time to volunteer in her kids classes, make dinner, attend all their sporting
    events, drive carpools, do laundry and everything in between.

    Active Lifestyle:
    Throughout Jess’ fitness journey, she has accomplished USAT, Running, Iron-man and ACE PT
    Certifications. She trains at a high level of competition for Triathlon, and qualified for Kona already
    in Arizona Iron-man 2018. It was there where she won her age group and was 5th female Overall.
    This year she plans to race a few half Iron-mans, but is going to train hard and compete in Kona.

    2019 Goals:
    With high hopes, Jess’ goals for 2019 are to be top 10 women in her age group and top 20 overall
    for Kona. Then she wants to turn around and race Iron-man Arizona 2019, where hopefully she will
    qualify for Kona 2020 again. She also hopes to be top 10 women overall and who knows, maybe she
    will race Boston 2020!

    Belt of Choice: Ultimate II Running Belt
    It was hard for Jess to choose, but her favorite belt is the Ultimate II Running belt with the Extra Mile 8 oz. water
    bottle holder add on.

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