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Noah Lastella

    Noah is a free spirit who loves to hike and travel. He has been to over 5 countries and 7 different
    states this year. Wherever he goes, whether it’s a tropical island, forest, or music festival, you can
    be sure he will have his camera and capture the moment. Although he travels around a lot, his main
    priority still remains his family and amazing friends.

    Active Lifestyle:
    Traveling as much as he does, Noah likes to get his fitness in wherever and whenever he can. He
    loves surfing on the coast, free diving on the reef, hiking new trails, and running through the park
    near his house when he is home. If he can get a workout in while enjoying the great outdoors count
    him in.

    2019 Goals:
    Noah’s goal for 2019 is to discover an amazing location during his travels that he doesn’t even
    know exists yet.

    Gear of Choice: Journey Backpack 
    Noah’s gear of choice is our Journey backpack. On long trails and during music festivals, the journey
    backpack is his perfect match. He can fit his camera, essentials, and have water with him so he can
    stay hydrated.


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