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Phi Vuong

    Phi is currently in the US Army and studying to become a Nurse at Point Loma Nazarene
    University. He spent an entire year dedicated to running from August 2017-August 2018 and
    completed over 650 mi of recorded running. He ran over a dozen races, and finished his first
    marathon last year. He loves to help others with getting involved in the fitness community,
    and is excited about meeting other athletes local to him and around the globe.

    Active Lifestyle:
    You can find Phi running 5ks and marathons around the San Diego area, and also riding his bike
    through town. He is currently training for a series of triathlons and looking to finish his first full
    Iron-man in 2020 (Iron-man Arizona). Until then, he is competing around local areas. He runs
    representing Team RWB, a military-civilian fitness group that brings people together through
    volunteering in the community and group fitness. Also part of the November Project in San Diego,
    a community group fitness open to anyone and everyone, he loves coming together with others to
    workout and connect throughout the week.

    2019 Goals:
    This year Phi set goals to complete his first triathlon, beat his PR in the 1/2 marathon, complete a
    100 mi bike ride, and complete an Iron-man 70.3.

    Belt of Choice: 360 Running Belt 
    Phi loves the 360 Running belt. It’s super convenient and for him it was better than the arm band,
    because he also likes to carry energy gels, his phone, and keys.

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