Dad Deserves a New Running Belt for Father’s Day!

New Summer Product Release-Fitletic Blog

Want to treat Dad to a great gift this Father’s Day! Fitletic has plenty of running belts to choose from for the dad on your list!


Treat Mom to a New Running Belt for Mother’s Day!

new bolt running belt for mother's dayLooking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day for the mom who’s always on the go? Look no further than Fitletic’s newly released running belts, a great addition to any workout-guaranteed!

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4 Places You Wouldn’t Have Thought to Take your Runners Pouch-But Actually Can!

Heather Brownley background

If you’re going out for a nice evening or just running errands, use your running pouch instead of a heavy purse. Go ahead-no one’s stopping you!

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Running Armbands: Making Your Workout Easier

New Sumemr Product Release-Surge phone armband-Fitletic blog

Going for a short jog or an intense workout? Here’s our guide to choosing the best armband for workouts of all intensities!

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Using a Fit Belt for Indoor Workouts

using fit belt at the gym

Is the weather not working in your favor? No problem! Bring your Fit belt inside with you and get all the storage you need while working out in the gym!

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The Reasons Why Athletes Are Using Running Bands

Running bands can make your workouts easier and more comfortable. There are numerous benefits that running bands can have to any exercise routine. These are just a few of them.

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Why is A Runner’s Water Belt Considered Essential for Marathons?


A marathon is a taxing endeavor. Be sure you have your essentials for the big day. Storing them in a runner’s water belt is a great way to keep them on you!

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Armbands Versus Sports Belts: Which are Best for You?

armband or runners belt

Is storage more important for your run, or easy access to your phone? Here is how to decide if an armband or sports belt is better for your workout.

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4 Unexpected Ways A Fit Belt Can Improve Your Running

Are you considering buying a Fitletic belt, but are unsure how it can help your workout? Read more about how to choose a running belt that can improve your run!

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5 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Water Belts

man on dock with water belt

Hydration is critical when you run, but carrying bulky water bottles can make running harder. Water belts make your run easier and let you quickly hydrate on the go!

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How a Running Phone Belt Can Prevent Sports Injuries

Running without the right equipment can lead to injuries. Finding the perfect running phone belt for your needs can make your run easier and safer.

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Why Should I Buy a Water Belt For Running Races?


why should i buy a water belt for running races

Hydration is so important for all athletes, especially in a race. Learn some quick facts about the importance of hydration, and also how to stay hydrated on the go!

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What You Need to Know About Running Bands


what you need to know about running bands

Here are 10 questions you need to ask yourself when choosing the best running armband for your workout!

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5 Top Tips For Choosing a Running Belt


5 top tips for choosing a running belt

Looking for the perfect running belt for your next workout?  Here are some tips to make sure you choose the ideal belt for you!

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A Runners Pouch Keeps You Fueled For The Long Haul

a runners pouch keeps you fueled for the long haul

Don’t run out of energy in the middle of your workout. A runners pouch gives you the fuel you need along the way.

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A Reflective Vest Lets Everyone Know You’re Coming


Running on public roads and other terrain without the high visibility of a reflective vest is extremely dangerous.

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Reduce Distractions of Loose-Hanging Items With a Race Belt

reduce distractions of loops hangin items w a race belt

Eliminate annoying interruptions in your workout. Here’s how a race belt can reduce the distractions of loose hanging items.

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Achieve Your Optimal Performance with the Help of a Fit Belt!

acheive optimal performance w help of fit belt

Don’t make any excuses for not exercising this year! Here’s how a fit belt can help you achieve your physical fitness goals.

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What to Look For in a Sports Belt For Winter Workouts

what to look for in sprt belt for winter

Don’t stop working out just because it’s winter!  With the right gear, any weather is the right weather for a workout!

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The Benefits of a Hydration Running Belt

the benefits of a hydration belt

Besides your smartphone, what’s the most important item to carry with you while you are running?

If you answered a water bottle, then you should consider investing in a hydration running belt.

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Can a Jogging Belt Really Improve Your Performance?


Marco Hipbelt

Stop being distracted on your run by having to worry about what essentials you left behind. A jogging belt lets you bring what you need!

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Tropical Mango Smoothie Recipe

Spring is in full swing, with summer just around the corner. That means runners, cyclists and
other athletes are rejoicing   …….

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Fitness Frenzy: Fun for the Whole Family!

March 30-11am_blog

Are you out of ideas for making exercise fun for your child(ren)? You are not the only struggling parent out there, rest assured. It can be tough to make exercise fun enough for kids to actually want to try it once, let alone continue doing it for the long term. So what’s the secret? Let’s think   …….

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Running is Less About Miles & More About Life

Running is Less About Miles & More About Life

Much like how one mile rolls into another, life is a constant transition of experiences that add up one after another to shape us into the unique people we become. So many of these experiences are spontaneous and give us the most unexpected, yet amazing moments in our lives. When I was in third grade, my parents asked if I wanted to compete in a holiday track meet—I didn’t know what a track meet was, but I knew I loved running fast, so   …….

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5 Tips to Consider as You Ramp Up Your Outdoor Training

Blog Image 01

You’ve been cooped up indoors for the majority of the winter and occasionally braved the elements to get your fix of outdoor miles. Raise your hand if you’re ready to return to the roads and log some more pleasant springtime miles! Yes, the winter chill is beginning to transition into the refreshing cool of spring, but keep these five tips in mind as you run through your favorite streets and trails.  …….

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How Do I Know When to Replace My Shoes?


After searching for months or even years, you finally find the perfect pair of running shoes and unleash a
happy dance that not even Beyoncé could outdo (just like when you tried your favorite Fitletic gear for the first time and thought ‘where have you been all my life?!’). Once you begin training in your shoes, it’s   …….

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Pizza: A Healthy Spin on the American Classic


At first mention of the word, “pizza,” your mind is flooded with mouthwatering memories of your perfect pie: You imagine smelling the appetizing aroma, biting through that first flawless layer of melty cheese and toppings, relishing every drop of the flavorful sauce, and savoring the impeccable crust that brings it all together. Then the voice of reason kicks in: ‘Hey, slow down. You’re finally getting your diet on track & you want to …….

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Life’s Simple 7


“If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?” -Author Unknown

Go Red For Women has become a powerful force in the fight against heart disease. This project was formed by the American Heart Association twelve years ago and aims to drastically reduce heart disease in women. Through increasing awareness and …….

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That Dreaded 4 Letter Word


“Hill”—for many runners, this pretty much qualifies as one of those 4-letter words that we try to avoid at all costs. Running is tough enough on its own; throw in a few ‘mounds of opportunity’ and it becomes a love/hate relationship many of us would rather not be stuck in. Yes, hills are hard. They are built-in strength training without a separate leg-day at the …….

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Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice: A Sour-Sweet Recovery Treat


Mile after mile, rep after rep, you break your body down so you can build yourself back up stronger than before. You do your best to keep pushing through the muscle soreness & fatigue that are also building as a result of your training. But what does your recovery plan look like?

A wise athlete understands that gains are made in the recovery phase, so it is essential to recover just as hard as you train. With so many recovery methods out there, it is important to choose those that are backed by a strong amount of scientific …….

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An Inevitable Truth


No matter what goals you set, the common denominator for each goal is CHANGE. How effectively you handle the discomfort caused by the change is what ultimately determines your success. But what’s the secret to dealing with this discomfort as you work toward your goals?

Having enough self-discipline to maintain a positive attitude while enduring the discomfort of change is key. To keep a sense of optimism once the going gets tough, you must train your brain to accept …….

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Live Beyond the “Like”: New Year’s Edition


What are you contemplating for your New Year’s Resolution?

Fitletic is declaring to “Live Beyond the Like” and we hope you’ll join us.
Most of us have been there before—a goal crosses our minds and we like the idea of the end result, but actually achieving this goal seems too far beyond our comfort zone or ability. So we like the idea and then we forget about it; it goes to the back of our …….

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Live Beyond the “Like”: Holiday Edition


Every day, we scroll through our social media feeds catching glimpses of the lives of those we follow. We tap ‘like’ after ‘like’ to quickly acknowledge the status updates that resonate with us in some way. Occasionally, we take an extra moment to leave a comment filled with enthusiastic…….

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Fitletic’s Gear Guide: The Perfect ‘Get Up and Go’ Gifts!

The 2015 holiday season is in full swing and many of us are still searching for the perfect gift that will let our loved ones know just how much they really mean to us. But what is the perfect gift to convey this sincere sentiment of the season? Well, if you have a runner, triathlete, or any other…….

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December Month of Movement


Dare to declare your dedication for a month of movement with Fitletic! For the next 31 days, let’s challenge ourselves to move daily. It’s simple: Your only requirement to succeed in our Month of Movement challenge is to make time every day to MOVE. Your key to success is to utilize even the smallest pocket of free time in your day. Dedicate 5 minutes in the morning…….

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Expressing Gratitude


As William Arthur Ward once said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” Think about it: How often have you felt the warm tingle of gratitude without sharing its beauty with the world—not necessarily because you didn’t want to, but because you simply forgot, were sidetracked by something else, or just…….

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New Summer Product Release


It’s the best of both worlds! Carry enough hydration & energy gels to keep you going mile after mile. Fitletic’s ergonomic design revolutionizes the way you carry your hydration & fuel! Worn low on your hips, this belt…..

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