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Our Guide to Running during COVID-19 Pandemic

Now more than ever, we are valuing our runs as our time to connect with both nature and our bodies, and of course to avoid going stir-crazy! Here are some of the things we are doing to keep ourselves and others safe when running during the corona pandemic. Running...

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Here Are Some of The Best Ways to Boost Your Immune System

We all know the importance of taking care of our mind and physical body, but have you ever considered how your immune system takes part in that? Maintaining a healthy immune system is at the core of living a long, healthy and happy life! The immune system is a system,...

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How To Set Realistic Resolutions For The New Year

The new year is here and it is time to figure out our 2020 resolutions. I have to admit, in the past I was guilty of making goals that weren’t very realistic. By February, they were only a piece of paper sitting in my drawer. Since then, I’ve learned how to create...

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Check Out Our Amazing 2019 Fitletic Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here! Although we love this time of the year, there’s no question that finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be a bit overwhelming. This year, we’re sharing the ultimate gift guide with all the best gifts for your active friends and...

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From Broken to Breaking Records: A Personal Story

Women all over the world are overcoming their own challenges each and every day. Being that today is International Women’s Day, we wanted to take the time to share the story of one of our Brand Ambassadors and how she overcame a very hard time in her life. Fitletic...

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All The Benefits Of Running As A Method Of Meditation

People run for as many reasons as they do miles - to keep fit, as a way to see friends, to lose weight, to get ready for races. But one common reason that is often shared by all, is to relax! In fact, it turns out that regular running can be a huge boost for your mood...

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Hi-Vis Options for When the Clocks Go Back

It’s official - the clocks are going back and winter is that little bit closer! With the time change comes darker evenings (you should expect sun set about 1 hour earlier than before), although for a time mornings will be lighter. Life - and your training - doesn’t...

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10 Must Haves for a Fun First Marathon

It’s official – marathon season is officially here! From your local race in the city you live, to the World Major’s going on all around us, wherever you look there is marathon fever! 26.2 miles is no walk in the park though, and the right preparation could be the difference between having the race…

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What to Buy for Back to School

It’s that time of year again. The familiar scent of new binders and notebooks and sharpened pencils. The long lines at your local school and office supplies store. School buses creating traffic and little kids peering out of the small windows. Cartoon backpacks and...

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A Running Date With Your Mate

Running with your significant other can make your running trail more interesting and the roots of your relationship as strong as the ground beneath you. What holds couples back from running together? I often hear that running is thought of as a solo experience and...

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Keeping Your Cool

August is officially around the corner and you’re doing your best to stay cool, we totally get it and we’re with you! We’ve put together a few bullet points that will keep you motivated to drink as much water as possible this Summer: Reasons to Drink Water: Regulates...

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Cheer for the Green and Gold

If you’re not following National Geographic on Instagram, now’s a good time to start. They offer up many visual examples of how humans are hurting the planet. They bring awareness and education directly to those unaware of how their personal products and habits are...

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