Fitletic neoprene sunglasses case belt add-on

Protect your glasses by keeping them in the Fitletic neoprene sunglasses case!



Protect your glasses by keeping them in the Fitletic neoprene sunglasses case!

Don’t lose your sunglasses while out on your run. Fitletic’s water resistant sunglasses pouch case with its easy velcro closure will attach to almost any running belt. Includes Micro-Fiber Glass Cleaner and Interior Pocket to secure your ID, Cash and more.

Do you wear sunglasses, or any kind of eye protection when you run? Do you like working out or cycling on a bright sunny day? If you do, you need a safe sunglasses case to store your glasses or sunglasses.  Sunglasses can get damaged very easily, especially if they get jostled a lot during exercise.  Fitletic has designed a sunglasses case that works specifically with the pouch on all of our fit belts, and it’s a great add-on for any athlete who uses some form of eye protection.

How the sunglasses case works with your fit belt

The Fitletic sunglasses case is made from the same neoprene material that the runners pouches are made of. This material is safe, and will not scratch your lenses. Also, the case fits easily onto any Fitletic pouch, meaning your belt will not be stretched or weighed down with the glasses case. In addition to storing your eye wear safely, Fitletic Sunglasses Case comes with a Micro-Fiber Glass Cleaner and interior pocket to keep your ID and cash.

For those who wear eyeglasses and sunglasses, Fitletic’s sunglasses case is a great investment for your workout. It works with any of the Fitletic waist bands and fits neatly in the pouch.  If you run in the sun, or just want to protect your lenses, the Fitletic sunglasses case is a great addition to your workout gear.


Safety tip: Your eye safety is critical when you run, and the sun can do serious damage to your eyes.  Even if it’s not too sunny when you go out, having a pair of sunglasses on hand is never a bad idea!



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Black, Black with Blue Zipper, Black with Green Zipper, Black with Orange Zipper, Black with Pink Zipper, Black with Red Zipper

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