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neo racing race belt with blue zipper
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Built for speed, designed to last!

Are you training for an upcoming race? Not sure how to carry your phone while you’re out there? If so, look no further! Fitletic’s Neo-Racing race belt with neoprene pouch will fit your phone & any other race day essentials you may need. This belt will hug your body & most importantly—it will not bounce! The integrated bib toggles make this running belt ideal for race day!

The Details.

Stretchy Lycra pocket for phone and essentials
Fits Most Phones
including iPhone 6 +
Interior Pocket to secure ID /Cash
Ultra Soft Dual-Adjust Neoprene Waistbelt

How to Attach Your Number to Your Race Belt

If you’re lacing up for race day, be sure to use our integrated bib toggles to attach your number. Our easy race bib holder means no more safety pins, no more snagged shirts, pricked fingers, or crooked numbers!

The spring-loaded toggles are quick & easy to use. Squeeze the toggle & remove from the bungee cord. Slide the bungee cord through the top two holes of your bib number. Squeeze the toggle & slide it up the bungee cord. You’re all set!

How To Wear Your Race Belt

1. Move the dual-adjustments on the waist belt to a comfortable yet snug position.

2. Position the pouch in the front; the belt should be low on the widest part of your hips

3. After a few minor adjustments, you will find the perfect position & be ready to go!

Our exclusive Dura-Comfort Technology combined with this belt’s ergonomic design contour your body to eliminate bounce. Now you can focus on your fitness journey without interruption. It’s so comfortable and lightweight you’ll forget you ever put it on!

Fitletic sources the highest quality neoprene available to ensure your complete satisfaction. The materials we use have helped us gain an unmatched reputation for comfort, durability, and function.

For us, your safety & peace of mind are a big deal. This item features reflective accents for high visibility and our water resistant neoprene will keep your items safe against sweat & light rain. (*Designed to resist but not entirely prevent the penetration of water.)

pink neo racing race belt with pouch


red neo-racing race belt


neo racing race belt with orange zipper


neo racing race belt with purple zipper on pouch


neo racing race belt green zipper on running pouch


neo racing race belt blue zipper on waist pouch


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Why Use a Race Belt?

Do you enjoy competitive running?  Looking forward to your town’s next 5K, or the next big marathon? The Neo-Racing Running Belt may just be the type of gear you’re looking for!

It can be hard managing your personal items while you’re running, so Fitletic has come up with a hands-free way to manage all your personal items out on the running course! The Neo Racing Running Belt is an all-in-one race belt that gives you a lightweight storage option to make your race easier.

When you go to run your race, you’ll never have to stop and think about where your belongings are again. All you have to do is concentrate on the road ahead and getting to the finish line!

Race Belt Features

The Neo-Racing Running Belt takes race belts to the next level. It is superior to any other race belt on the market.In addition to a pouch for your phone and the ability to customize it with a compartment for your water bottle, the Neo-Racing Running Belt also has toggles for your race bib, storage for your energy gels, and an extra interior pocket for your keys and ID.  It offers all of these features with a neoprene belt designed with Dura-Comfort technology to minimize bouncing during your race.

It’s important when you race to have the right equipment, especially equipment that will not make the challenge of running a race harder than it should be.  A race belt like the Neo-Racing Running Belt does just that; it combines all your needs, comfortably puts all your essentials where you can reach them easily, but allows you to run hands-free, keep your focus on the path ahead, and still feel like all your belongings are safe.

For all your training and future races, the Neo-Racing Running Belt is a great choice for you!

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