Best Selling Gear

Featuring 16oz of hydration capacity, a water resistant pouch for your iPhone 6 Plus, and silicone grippers to eliminate bounce, our Hydra 16 hydration belt is Fitletic’s #1 running water belt. Tell me more…

Best Selling Gear

 Customize your perfect workout belt: Our add-ons give you the extra flexibility to carry exactly what you need in your fit belt, whether you are going far or staying close to home. Choose from our hydration add-on, phone add-on, or sunglasses add-on to create a versatile system that works for every step of your journey.

With over 600 custom choices, you have complete control of virtually every facet of your Fitletic products including color, size, and style, and more.

PRO TIP: “…Life is nothing but a habit. Get to work.” – Chrissie Wellington, A Life Without Limits: A World Champion’s Journey

Our fit belts are a great addition to any workout.

Welcome to Fitletic, where we’ve created a lightweight dynamic workout belt to make any exercise a breeze!

We offer fit belts for all levels of exercise, whether you run marathons, jog in the park, or just enjoy the occasional brisk walk. Whether you need a fit belt, a jogging belt, or a running armband, Fitletic has it all!

Fit Belts

The product that started it all! A Fitletic fit belt is great for all athletes because the needs of today’s athletes have changed. Today, almost everyone carries their phone on them at all times, or they need to keep their car keys and ID in a safe place during their workout. The snug fit on all of our belts allows you to keep all your personal items right against your body without worrying about them sliding out of your pocket or off your waist as you run.

Armbands and Accessories

If you already have one of Fitletic’s fit belts, that’s great!  But what about a sunglasses case for those bright days, or a reflective vest for when you run at night? What if you prefer an armband for better access to your phone? Fitletic offers a number of accessories for your fit belt to make your runs safer and easier. Check out our add-on products here!

Also, if you are using one of Fitletic’s hydration belts or jogging belts with a water bottle holder, it’s always good to make sure that they are in top condition. We always have replacement running water bottles, water bottle caps, toggles for race bibs, and more.

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