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    Hi, my name is Shify! Founder of Fitletic. In 2008, I had my hands full raising three kids, holding down a job, and trying to squeeze a morning run in after dropping my children off at school. I wound up running with my keys in my bra and my phone in my hand. Not comfortable at all!

    But none of the solutions available on the market were much better. They were either too bulky, too heavy, or too bouncy to do the job.I made my first prototype out of my son’s stretchy book cover.

    My husband, also an avid runner, and I put it through its paces. It was perfect! No bounce. Plenty of stretch to hold the essentials. And lightweight. We patented the Mini Sport Belt and went into production. Since then, we haven’t looked back. I’m the chief designer and I get many, many ideas from Fitletic customers who want better ways to stay hands-free in a busy world.

    While athletes make up the core of our business, our products have gained a following among non-athletes who want to travel light yet keep their essentials within easy reach too.In mid-2013, we rebranded from iFitness to Fitletic to resonate more clearly with our customers around the world. After all, our running belts and arm bands hold much more than your smartphone.

    We make the perfect gear to store all the essentials of daily life, including diabetic supplies, glasses, inhalers, and more.We have been endorsed by the legendary runner Jeff Galloway and were named the official running belt for runDisney™.

    While the accolades and positive reviews have been many, my proudest moment is when I see how Fitletic gives people from all walks of life the freedom to embrace the adventure and excitement around them.