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    The hydration belts and Arm Bands come in two sizes and the rest are one-size-fits-all.

    Hydration belts:

    S/M – 24” – 36” waist

    L/XL – 29” – 42” waist

    Arm Bands:

    S/M – Up to 12″

    L/XL – Up to 17″

    All other belts will fit from 24” to 44” waist

    The better question is what can’t you carry in a Fitletic belt?  Our belts are designed to hold your essentials whether it’s a bib number, a phone, lip balm, fuel, hydration, a camera or sunglasses–everything but the kitchen sink!  We provide many different styles that work for a wide range of distances and activities

    Our new belts are designed to hold most smartphones.  We are constantly working to keep up with phone technology to ensure an easy fit.  If you have questions regarding a specific type of phone, please check each product page. We also offer a phone add-on pouch with a clear touch screen – a great option if you have an older belt with a pouch that has become too small for your new phone.

    All activities! Your Fitletic belt can be used for walking, biking, traveling, hiking, kayaking, SUP, skiing, golfing, storing your medical supplies and much more. In fact, it is a great way to spend your day hands-free yet have all your essentials within reach.

    We designed the Ultimate II race belt with your inhaler in mind. It has an additional Velcro side pocket – perfect for easy access to your inhaler.  Inhalers can also fit in the main pouch of all Fitletic belts and also in the add-on pouches Fitletic offers.

    EpiPens can fit into all of our belts and even on the outside of some in the gel loops.

    While there is not a specific head phone port built into the belt (as it is with the arm band), you can feed the headphones through the front zipper, and leave the zipper open just enough to let the headphones go out. (No need to worry about your zipper wiggling open; the teeth lock from the inside and can only be opened if you pull on the zipper.)

    No, it does’t have the bib holder sewn in. However, you can add a pair of toggles and use it for race day.

    The Ultimate I Race belt has three gel loops on each side of the pouch, totaling 6 gel loops. You can add extra gels in the main pouch if needed.

    The Ultimate II race belt has 5 total gel loops (2 horizontal- great for EpiPens, or longer fuel; and 3 vertical gel loops).  You can fit extra gels in the main pouch and more awkward-shaped fuel in the Velcro side pocket (originally for inhalers, but great for anything small).

    No, the holsters on the Hydra 12oz Hydration Belt are designed to hold only our 6 oz bottles. Our 8oz bottles will only fit in our Hydra 16 oz Hydration belt. Our 12 oz bottles will only fit in our HydraPalm and Fully Loaded.

    All of our products have reflective accents for your safety. In addition, all silver print is reflective. Some of our products – like the HydraPalm – have fully reflective color panels as well as the Blitz.

    Of course! We have an add-on for every need: for your hydration, phone, glasses and more.

    For our hydration add-on, remove the bottle from the holster. Slide your belt through the elastic loop on the inside. Replace the bottle and position the add-on wherever it feels most comfortable. You are ready to go!

    For our phone and sunglasses add-ons, open the VELCRO closure and position wherever feels most comfortable. Fold the VELCRO closure to secure the add-on and fine-tune the position if necessary.

    It depends on the belt. If you have a Fitletic hydration belt, we suggest up to two add-ons per belt. If you have a non-hydration belt, you can add up to four add-ons depending on the style. For example, if you have a Neo I, you may add a phone add on plus three hydration add-ons for maximum storage. If you have an Ultimate II, you may add up to four hydration add-ons. If you have a Race II, we recommend only one add-on since it is such a lightweight belt.

    You can pick up replacement toggles here! (provide link).

    We update our website the moment a shipment arrives, so the items visible to you are available. If an item is out of stock, it is not visible.

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