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  • Eleazar Blanquez

    June 22, 2022 1 min read

    Eleazar Blanquez


    Eleazar is from Caracas, Venezuela but currently lives in Savannah, Georgia. He is married and a father to two wonderful daughters.
    He started running in 2018 and it became a passion that grew very fast. In 2019 he ran his first marathon and in 2021 he ran his first major marathon.
    He is very lucky to have the support of my family; without them, he says he wouldn’t be able to train for a marathon. He likes to go camping with his family because they can disconnect from technology.
    He thanks the Fitletic team for the opportunity to be part of the ambassador team. He remembers buying his first-ever Fitletic belt when him and his wife went to an expo to get his wife a bib holder. Since then, Fitletic has been going with him through training and racing.

    Active Lifestyle

    2022 Goals

    Eleazar’s goal for 2022 is to qualify for the next Boston marathon in Spring 2023.

    Items of Choice

    Eleazar’s go-to item is the hydra 16 hydration belt.