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  • Lauren Nutter

    June 22, 2022 1 min read

    Lauren Nutter


    Lauren Nutter lives in Massachusetts with her husband, dog, and two rescue cats. Started running with intention in 2012 as stress relief and allows her competitive side to keep signing up for races. She loves doing hard things and is constantly pushing to be better in all her endeavors.
    Charity racing has become one of Lauren’s favorite things. It pairs well with her job as a marketing director. She developed a website with merchandise where all proceeds fund the charity endeavors.

    Active Lifestyle

    She loves to hike and adventures outdoors.

    2022 Goals

    Lauren’s goal for 2022 is to run the “big 6” major marathons. She will be running the Berlin and London marathons in the fall for her 3rd and 4th stars, and then Tokyo and Boston next year in the spring.

    Item of Choice

    Loves all our belts. Lauren says, “I sought to become a Fitletic ambassador because their products SAVED me after my most recent 2 marathons. The belts are so multifaceted and work great for all my sports and are durable for any test I put them through!”