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  • Bengi Goldberg

    July 14, 2021 1 min read

    Bengi Goldberg
    Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Bengi has had the privilege of living in a city that offers racing and training along some of the most beautiful coastlines and on some of the most spectacular mountains in the world. Born into a family with an active lifestyle, Bengi quickly caught the running bug, and by age 16 ran his first half marathon. Since then, running has been a key part of his life. Bengi sees running as a privilege and as an incredible opportunity to test himself physically and mentally.
    Active Lifestyle:
    When Bengi isn’t training competitively or running socially with friends, he can usually be found doing some sort of outdoor activity, such as hiking, rock climbing, cycling, snorkeling, ocean paddling or riding dirt bikes. Bengi loves being part of the growing running community and is always keen to meet new people who share his passion for being active.
    2020 Goals:
    Bengi's upcoming goals include running a sub 3-hour marathon, a sub 80 minute half marathon, and completing ultra-distance trail races for the first time.
    Belt of Choice:
    Fully Loaded Water and Gel Belt