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  • Dominique Mastrototoro

    June 07, 2020 1 min read

    Dominique Mastrototoro
    Dominique is the owner of Dance Soul Motion, a boutique fitness studio, group exercise instructor, and personal trainer: when she is not at the studio or working with clients virtually, she is taking on new adventures with my husband and her dog! After starting her own business in 2013 and working non-stop for the first few years, she realized how important it was to take time for her own fitness goals: She started running and cross training and can’t imagine her days without a morning sweat session or mid-day run!
    Active Lifestyle:
    Dominique teaches yoga, Pilates, barre and kickboxing as a group exercise professional, but also makes time for her own workouts because it is key for her mental health. She enjoys weight lifting, endurance training, and has fallen in love with running the past few years. In the summer you can find her on my bike, her kayak, or on the mountain: She loves anything that gets her outside and moving when the weather is warm!
    2020 Goals:
    She ran her 1st marathon in 2020, the Virtual NYC Marathon. Her goal for 2021 is to run another marathon, hopefully in person, and get in more time on her bike during the summer months.
    Belt of Choice:
    Journey Backpack - she loves this piece for hiking, day-trips with her dog, and any adventure she might imagine!