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  • 4 Unexpected Places To Take your Runners Pouch

    January 03, 2018 2 min read

    4 Unexpected Places To Take your Runners Pouch
    Labeling a product a “ runners pouch ” gives it a very specific purpose: using it for your regular run, jog, or other exercise routine. However, its design is actually quite multi-functional, and its uses do not have to be limited to physical activities. There are plenty of ways that you can put a jogging belt to use, even when you’re not jogging. Here are some places you can use your runners belt, even when you won’t be breaking a sweat!

    4 Unexpected Places To Take your Runners Pouch

    • Running errands
    • The beach
    • Concerts
    • Traveling

    1. Running errands

    If you’re running to the store or picking up the kids from school, there’s a good chance all you need are a few essential items. There’s no need to carry a large purse everywhere you go, especially if you’re in and out of the car every five minutes. A running belt has enough room for your keys, phone, ID, and credit card. You won’t have to dig around to find anything and your hands will be free for carrying your purchases and your child’s artwork rather than a heavy bag.

    2.The Beach

    Beach-goers who want to lie in the sun and relax for a few hours with friends and family can also enjoy the minimalism of the a runners pouch. Who wants to leave their belongings right on their towel, not tied down to anything, or hidden in a locked storage unit? With the neoprene belt, the runners pouch will stay right on your waist the entire time, no matter how much you sweat under the sun. Remember, the pouch is water-resistant, but not waterproof, so be aware of that fact before you go splashing in the ocean!


    If you love live music, concerts can be a lot of fun. But when you’re surrounded by people in a very tight area, you might end up putting your valuables at risk if you are carrying them in a purse or handbag. The bag could slide away from you, or someone can reach in while you are enjoying the performance and take your wallet or your keys. If you’re going out to a live venue, why not re-purpose your running phone holder into a secure compartment for your belongings? Fitletic’s pouches are slim, compact, and fit securely on your body, so they are both discrete and  space-saving.


    Need to keep track of your passport or your airplane tickets as you head through the airport? Never worry about where to store your travel documents with a runners pouch because it has room for your tickets, passport, phone, and more. Plus, the fact that it sits on your waist makes it unobtrusive and less noticeable than a larger bag, and therefore less of a target to potential pickpockets.

    Use a Runners Pouch Whenever You Need It!

    The goal of Fitletic’s gear, whether it’s being used for exercising or for another purpose, is to keep your hands free, provide a secure compartment for your necessary belongings, and make your life easier. With a great multi-functional design, Fitletic’s belts have the storage capacity you need to enjoy whatever you’re doing. Check out our full line of running belts to find the design that best meets your needs, and get back to simplifying your life!