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  • In the Spirit of Freedom

    July 01, 2021 1 min read

    In the Spirit of Freedom
    We are proudly headquartered in the United States and have been designing and shipping our gear from Miami, FL since we started in 2008. Like many small businesses in the US, Fitletic started in our home: our first warehouse and office in our bedroom, until we eventually upgraded to our garage (and then an actual real warehouse and offices!). 
    Before entering running stores or e-commerce, we’d take booths at marathon expos. At the time, we just had one product: the Mini Sport Belt. Meeting runners at the expos, it was amazing to see how many people had the exact same problem we did: they couldn't find a comfortable way to run with their phone, keys and other essentials.  
    From a simple table set up, to displays that really showcased our growing product line
    The reaction to our small (but mighty!) Mini Sport Belt was amazing, and soon we started getting suggestions from fellow runners for other products and features they needed. Over time, we expanded our line, developing best sellers like the Hydra 16 hydration belt and the Blitz sports and travel belt 
    Our Hydra16 belt, then vs. now
    Without you, we could not continue to innovate new products today. The US running community gave us the platform to learn, create and grow, eventually taking us overseas to South America, Europe, and throughout Asia. It continues to be our pleasure to develop solutions for anyone leading a fit, active lifestyle in the US and beyond.  
    Thank you for giving us the freedom to continue creating and innovating gear that allows anyone to be active, comfortably. We hope that this Independence Day, you celebrate the freedoms you have in life and the people that support them. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend, America! 
    The Fitletic Family