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  • Reduce Distractions of Loose-Hanging Items With a Race Belt

    January 22, 2018 2 min read

    Reduce Distractions of Loose-Hanging Items With a Race Belt

    Reduce Distractions of Loose-Hanging Items With a Race Belt

    • Fluids – You need to hydrate! This is the number one concern for runners. Consider using small, lightweight flasks to carry fluids with you. 6 or 8 oz. bottles work well.
    • Nourishment – Depending on the distance make sure you carry enough fuel to replenish your energy. Pack smart with food that gives you the highest nutritional value for their size, such as gel packs.
    • Identification – If something happens to you, people will need to be able to identify you. Keep in mind that you don’t have to bring every piece of ID you have. One should suffice!
    • Keys – Remove your keys from their bulky keychain when possible and only take the keys that you need (house, car, etc.).
    • Other Valuables – You should be taking as few valuables as possible on race day. At most, you should take your money or credit card and a cell phone.
    • Weather Protection and First Aid – You want to be comfortable on your run depending on your terrain and weather conditions. Think about including Band-Aids, sunglasses, sunblock, salt tablets, etc.
    • Running Number – When racing, you don’t have to ruin your favorite running shirt by pinning your bib with safety pins. Instead, Fitletic has a specially designed race belt that can hold your number for you.
    • Visibility – You want to make sure you are visible at all times. Use belts that have reflective strips to improve your visibility.
    Being well-prepared for race day makes all the difference in your performance. Your gear should let you pack smart and light so that you have everything you need for race day without being overwhelmed. That’s why our fitness experts at Fitletic designed a race belt that eliminates annoying distractions and makes it easier to organize your racing essentials!