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  • Unique Holiday Gifts for Runners

    November 19, 2020 3 min read

    Unique Holiday Gifts for Runners
    The holidays are around the corner, which means it’s time to start your hunt for the perfect gifts for family and friends. But if gift-giving isn’t your forte, it can be challenging to find something that’s unique and special to each person. While we can’t help you choose the right presents forall of your loved ones, wecan help with one type of person in particular: runners! If you have a runner in your life, we’re sharing some of the best, unique holiday gifts for runners!

    Budget Gifts for Runners

    Whether you have many people to buy for, are on a spending limit, or just trying to be budget-conscious, there are still tons of great gifts to get for runners. The best part? Most of these gifts are customizable, based on things like favorite color or past races. 
    Some budget-friendly gifts for runners include:

    Gifts for New Runners 

    If your loved one is new to running — or has a goal to start soon — help them ease into a routine with some great gifts! Socks and bath salts still top our list for this category, but you can also opt for presents like:
    • Entry to a local 5K race (make sure you plan to be there to cheer them on!)
    • Motivational or technical running books
    • Running armband (to take music or podcasts on the go!)

    Gifts for Seasoned Runners

    Just like you might be shopping for a new runner, you may also have a seasoned runner on your holiday gift-giving list. They can be a little trickier to buy for, as they likely already have a lot of running items. Not to mention, they might be a bit more particular about their gear and have specific preferences when it comes to shoes, clothing brands and materials, running belts, and more. 
    Not to worry, though! There are still some great gift ideas for seasoned runners, including:

    Gifts for Parents Who Run

    Any parent knows how difficult it can be to do — well — anything when you have little ones to tend to. The same goes for parents who run or like to go for jogs. Because with a busy household, it can be hard to prioritize a favorite hobby. Help make things a little easier for them with gifts like:

    Splurge Gifts for Runners 

    For the very special someones in your life, you might be excited to take your gift-giving up a few notches. To that, we saygreat!Because we have lots of great ideas for that, too. Some of our favorite splurge gifts for runners include things like:
    • Earbuds or headphones (pro tip: buy ones that have optional noise cancellation so your runner can stay safe when they go out for a jog) 
    • A massage gun (to help with recovery)
    • Vibrating foam roller 
    • The Fitletic Get Started Bundle, which includes a Mini Sport Plus Running Belt, Forte Plus Workout Armband, Multi Scarf Headwear, Extra Mile Holster Bottle Add-on 8oz and SmartCase Smartphone Holster. The perfect starter kit for anyone that wants a healthy, fit and active lifestyle!
    • The Fitletic Bundle, which includes favorites like a safety vest, multi-scarf headwear, and a hydrating backpack! It’s a win-win-winning gift that will help any runner go the distance.

    Find unique holiday gifts for runners at Fitletic

    No matter what type of runner you’re buying a gift for — Fitletic has an amazing selection of running gear to help check them off your list. From running belts and armbands to hydration packs and accessories, we have tons of great gift ideas for the runner in your life. Check out our top-rated running gear to kick off your holiday shopping today!
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