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  • Running Into the New Year: 3 Tips to Setting Achievable Fitness Goals

    January 05, 2024 2 min read

    Running Into the New Year: 3 Tips to Setting Achievable Fitness Goals

    There's no better time than the New Year to set new goals! When setting a goal, you want to make sure it challenges you but also is attainable. Because we've all been there, setting huge resolutions only to watch them fizzle out by February. So, this year let's do it differently! Here are three key tips to set achievable running goals that last.

    1. Embrace Realistic Goal Setting

    First and foremost, it's essential to set goals that are realistic and tailored to your current fitness level. If you're new to running, aiming for a marathon by March might be overly ambitious.

    Instead, start with smaller objectives like running a certain number of times per week or completing a 5K. For the seasoned runners, improving your personal best or tackling a new challenging route could be more fitting.

    Remember, realistic goals are not about limiting your potential but about understanding your current capabilities and building upon them.

    It's about setting a foundation that won't crumble under the weight of unattainable expectations.

    2. Break Down Your Goals

    Big goals can be overwhelming, right? The trick is to chop them up into smaller steps. Dreaming of that half-marathon? Start by gradually upping your weekly mileage and throwing some strength training into the mix. These mini-goals are easier to digest and will keep you motivated as you check them off your list.

    Each small win is a step closer to your big goal and it keeps things interesting!

    3. Listen to Your Body

    This is crucial. Your body will often tell you what it needs and when it needs it. Ignoring fatigue or pain can lead to burnout or injury. Make sure to balance your training days with adequate rest. And remember, it's okay to adjust your goals in line with your physical condition.

    On the flip side, if you're feeling strong and capable, don't be afraid to push your limits! Tuning into your body helps maintain a healthy balance between pushing yourself and staying injury-free.

    You're well on your way to making this year your most successful running year yet. Here's to hitting the ground running and enjoying every step of the journey!

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