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  • 7 Fun and Simple Ways to Stay Fit This Holiday

    December 13, 2021 4 min read

    7 Fun and Simple Ways to Stay Fit This Holiday
    Did you know exercising (even in small amounts) presents many essentialbenefits to our minds and bodies? The best way to experience the majority of these benefits is to make your exercise routine a consistent one and not be too hard on yourself! Maintaining consistency during the holidays can be tricky, but there are so many simple ways to stay fit this holiday. 
    Between buying gifts, entertaining family, preparing for vacations, or spending more time with friends, it's natural that you'll have less time for exercise. Though taking a break from your routine is perfectly fine once in a while, stepping away from your routine for too long can make it challenging to get back into the swing of things later on. It happens. We've all been there! Here's our guide to some fun and simple ways to stay fit during the holidays.  

    Simple Ways to Stay Fit This Holiday

    • Invite your family and friends to join you
    • Don't forget the fruits and veggies
    • Stay hydrated 
    • Go digital 
    • Plan ahead 
    • Get a workout pal 
    • Put workout gear on your Christmas list 

    Make Fitness a Family Event 

    Spending extra time with friends and family over the holidays might mean having less time for yourself. This is totally normal, but don't forget about self-care! 
    Start by carving out time for yourself each day, even if it's not as long as you'd usually take. For example, take a 20-minute walk and listen to a podcast, or just set aside 10-minutes to stretch before you start your day. Big or small, it will feel good to look out for your body during this busy time.
    Alternatively, you can treat your exercise time as an opportunity to bond. Invite your family and friends to go on a run or hike. Find out if your gym offers guest passes. If there's snow, organize a sledding trip, or build a snowman in the yard. It doesn't have to be super hard or challenging. It can be fun! 

    Remember to Sneak in Some Healthy Foods

    Holiday meals can be some of the heaviest meals you eat all year long. After filling up, you can lose motivation to put on those sneakers.
    If you're entertaining guests for dinner, try to add some healthier options to your holiday menu. If you're traveling to someone else's home for the holidays, offer to do the grocery shopping so you can find foods that help boost your energy. Or, bring along your own healthy snacks that you can eat while you're on the go. You canstash them away with other essential running items for extra convenience. 
    And remember - Everything is 100% okay in moderation, and it's all about balance. Take the time to appreciate having your loved ones around, and if that means having a second piece of grandma's famous pie, then enjoy it! 

    Watch Your Alcohol Intake

    Celebrating with friends and family during the holidays often means increased alcohol consumption. And while that holiday buzz is undoubtedly fun, working out while dehydrated is not a pleasant experience! Remember to drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink, avoid strong drinks, and stay away from sugary liquors. Worst case scenario, chug a big bottle of water with some electrolytes before going to bed. 

    Go Digital With Your Workout Plan

    Many gyms are closed during the holidays, limiting your options at the gym. However, who said you couldn't work out in the living room? Thanks to technology, many online options are available for those who want to exercise at home or while traveling. Find out if your gym offers virtual classes or research apps and sites that offer free workout plans. 

    Plan Your Workouts Ahead 

    If you're traveling for the holidays, research the area you'll be visiting. Most fitness studios offer a free class or discounted week for guests. Apps like ClassPass provide a network for fitness classes in cities all over the country. Most running apps have a feature where you can find runs that other users have done in your area, and AllTrails can help you find the closest trails to you. 

    Find an Elf to Keep you Motivated

    If you are lucky enough to have a workout partner throughout the year, the holidays can be a great time to contact them! Working out with a buddy canincrease the amount of exercise you do, thanks to your partner's motivation and accountability. And if your workout partner is your life partner?That's even better! It's always a little easier to get a sweat sesh in with some extra motivation. 

    Ask Santa for Fun New Workout Gear 

    Going out shopping during the holiday rush can be exciting, but it can be stressful, andthe effects of stress on your mind and body are more than enough to sap your exercise momentum. Instead of getting down on yourself for skipping a workout, use this opportunity to get extra steps in! To get more steps, try parking a little further away from the mall, do some extra laps, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. You'll be surprised how many steps you stack up! 
    If you are not a fan of in-person shopping, plenty of digital retailers offer holiday deals and discounts, and they can ship your products to you in time for a special occasion. And if your holiday wish list includes running gear that is optimized for functionality and comfort,look no further than Fitletic.
    Fitletic wants to remind you that balance is key, and movement is medicine. The holidays are a special time, and it's perfectly okay to enjoy all of your favorite meals, drinks, and desserts with the ones you love most. Interested in more running and fitness content from Fitletic? Check out ourblog page