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  • Best Gift Ideas for Runners in 2021

    December 17, 2021 4 min read

    Best Gift Ideas for Runners in 2021
    It's that time of the year again! And if you are like so many others, the holiday shopping season went by in a flash! 
    If you’re running short on time and need some quick ideas for the runner in your life, check out our list of the best gift ideas for runners in 2021. 
    Whether the runner in your life is into clothes, gear, or gadgets - Fitletic has an idea for you! 

    Check out Fitletic’s list of the best gift ideas for runners in 2021! 

    • Reflective vest 
    • Wicking base layers 
    • Women’s ponytail hat 
    • Running jacket 
    • Runderwear 
    • Headlamp 
    • Crampons 
    • Foot massager 
    • Hand warmers 
    • Sport sunglasses 
    • Running belt 
    • Runscreen
    • Cookbook 

    Reflective Running Vest 

    Glo Reflective Safety Vest is perfect for runners who plan their outdoor workouts before sunrise or after sunset. This ultra-soft vest easily fits over a winter running jacket, but is lightweight enough for runs during the hot summer months.  
    The Glo Reflective Safety Vest is visible at distances up to 600 feet and features a back zippered pocket for essentials, front and back loops to clip on a L.E.D. lights, and fully adjustable elastic side straps. 

    Base Layers for Runners 

    Regardless of your friend's sleeve preference, theAdidas Terrex Drynamo base layer is a winner. Available in long-sleeve, sleeveless, or short-sleeve, this t-shirt is made with lightweight material and ventilation zones that help runners regulate their body temperatures in cold and hot seasons. 

    Wicking Running Shirt for Men  

    Runners can wear this fitting workout shirt during cold and hot seasons. It wicks moisture and releases heat to keep the runner comfortable for their entire workout. The attached face mask and hoodie blocks cold and offers extra winter comfort . TheTSLA men's long-sleeved shirt features a durable and elastic fabric material. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays, offering 99% protection. 

    Women's Winter Ponytail Hat 

    TrailHeads ponytail hat comes with ear warmers, therefore perfect for running during windy and cold seasons. Thanks to the ponytail hole, women runners can keep their hair out of the way or hold it up when they wish. It's incredibly soft and feels great on the skin! 
    This fantastic hat is made using 55% polyester and 45% wool. It remains intact even after a machine wash. 

    Women's Hooded Running Jacket

    TheNike essential running jacket is reasonably priced and comes with a hood to keep harsh weather elements off the runner's face. The hood stays on when running and can be adjusted to fit perfectly. Plus, it features a ventilation design to prevent overheating.

    Men's Short-Sleeve Tech Tee 

    Thisshort-sleeve tech tee features a 100% polyester material interlock, ensuring runners remain cool and dry. It's uniquely designed to provide comfort and function. A tech t-shirt looks incredible when matched with everyday athletic bottoms. It's available in multiple colors. 


    Runderwear - also known as runners’ underwear! One of our favorite choices for men is theExOfficio boxer, equipped with a lightweight, breathable fabric that allows adequate airflow to keep the runner cool. It features an antimicrobial treatment that makes it odor resistant. The waistband is secure and durable plus a diamond knit that stretches for a perfect fit. 


    This sleekRay Headlamp features a comfortable fit and works both with gloves and sweaty hands! The headband offers maximum support and comfort, while preventing bouncing whilerunning in the dark. This ultra bright headlamp is super light, comfy and even rechargeable - you won’t find a better running headlamp out there. 

    Micro Crampons 

    Winter trail racemicro crampons are incredibly lightweight. The hi-tech elastomer ensures the crampons bond fully to the runners' shoes. 
    Nortec micro crampons have steel plates, thus ideal for hard snow and ice surfaces and muddy, wet or dry grassland. 

    Foot Massager 

    Nekteck foot massager comes with 18 rotating nodes and six massage nodes. It eases tension, regulates blood flow, and relaxes leg muscles. 
    Every runner needs this massager to improve foot wellness. They can operate this device using the toe. It comes with a handle for easy movement from home to office or any other convenient location. 

    Hand Warmers 

    HotHands hand warmers are handy when running outdoors during cold seasons. They provide approximately 10 hours of heat. 
    These air-activated warming products include five packages, each with two warmers. They fit inside the pockets and gloves to generate gentle and quick heat. They are the perfect gift forrunners who love running in winter, but whose hands get cold quickly. 

    Sport Sunglasses

    Knockaround sunglasses are not only functional but also stylish. They stay secure on the face even when running, all thanks to their rubberized nose and sturdy construction. 
    Knockaround unisex sunglasses have polarized lenses that enhance visibility and reduce glare. They also offer UV protection. If you are looking for a durable item that can withstand scrapes and drops, don't hesitate to purchase these shades! 

    Running Belt

    An absolute essential for any runner! Fitletic offers a LOT ofrunning belts. Whether the runner in your life is training for theirfirst 5K, or just completed their 10th marathon, Fitletic has something for them. If you’re not sure what kind of running belt to choose,check out this guide
    Sunscreen for Runners
    Serious runners need sunscreen that’s a bit more intense than what you’ll find at the drugstore. One of our favorites isSkinnies Sungel, which dries two minutes after application and forms a thin layer of protection. It's more concentrated than ordinary sunscreen - a little really goes a long way. Best of all, it won’t sweat off! 
    The Runner's World Vegetarian Cookbook 
    Thisvegetarian cookbook contains 150 healthy recipes for runners. Whether or not the runner in your life is vegetarian, they’ll love all the recipes in this book.  


    Regardless of the type of runner on your gift-giving list, you can’t go wrong with any of the items in this guide. 
    You can also check out more holiday gifts, including hydration packs, running belts, and armbands atFitletic. For more holiday ideas, check out our gift guides from2019, and2020! Happy running!