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  • Can a Jogging Belt Really Improve Your Performance?

    January 22, 2018 2 min read

    Can a Jogging Belt Really Improve Your Performance?
    So you’ve put in the time and training needed to prepare for a run. You did your homework and know what you need to bring. But how do you carry everything? You could just carry your water bottle in your hand. But what about your keys, phone, and anything else you want to bring? You decide to leave your wallet in your car and stuff your keys in your running shorts. You start your run and feel the weight of your water, so you switch hands. As time goes on, you find yourself switching hands more and more. Then, your keys shift in your pants and now that’s bothering you too! Determined to push forward, you keep adjusting back and forth between your water bottle and keys. Your run just isn’t turning out as fun as you hoped it would be!
    Why would anyone go for a run without the use of a running belt to carry their essentials to improve their performance? Most people believe that they can just “wing it” and somehow manage to get by without the essentials for a healthy workout. However, you will simply have a better running experience with better physical and mental endurance if you use a running belt.

    The Pros and Cons of a Jogging Belt


    • You can bring essentials
    • You are hands-free
    • It carries your water
    • It's critical for health and safety
    The pros are pretty obvious! Imagine being able to bring all your essentials with you on your run, hike trails, or work out. You can bring your gel packs, ID, phone, and other valuables so that they are all within reach.  Plus, being hands-free lets you focus on your run or workout.  You could risk trying to find water along the way and managing without your valuables, but why would you want to when you could carry it all securely? These aren’t luxuries – they are critical for your health and safety! Most importantly, knowing that you have your phone and other essentials with you gives you the peace of mind you need to improve your performance.


    • Belts (other than Fitletic's) can be heavy
    • Belts (other than Fitletic's) can be expensive
    There are common misconceptions about fitness belts that some people believe are legitimate cons. The first misconception is that fitness belts are heavy and bulky around the waist. Luckily, Fitletic has a wide selection of lightweight, durable belts that are engineered to contour to your body for comfort. It’s designed with a true touch of genius that fits snug around the waist. The truth is that you’re not really carrying any more weight than you normally would because the jogging belt makes all your valuables fit snug while reducing bounce. The other concern would be the cost. With the affordability and variety of jogging belts offered by our experts at Fitletic, you’re bound to find a fitness belt within your price range. You simply can’t afford to be without one!
    In summary, the pros of a jogging belt decisively outweigh the cons. Just because you made do without one until now or used an older design, you should still consider the benefits a new jogging belt will give you. As a matter of fact, your comfort, safety, and performance are counting on it!