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  • Prepare for Running Season

    January 22, 2018 3 min read

    Prepare for Running Season
    With running season coming into full swing right around the corner, we want to make sure we are ready! We thought about some of the most important details to consider for a successful running season.
    First off is a good pair of running shoes. Research some shoes online depending on what you think you need to meet your size, foot strike pattern and your training goals. Read reviews and then pop into some running stores in your area that will allow you to comfortably try on a few pairs and ask questions!

    Prepare for Running Season

    If your ultimate goal is to run a full marathon, here are some additional tips we think will really help prepare you:
    • Run a half marathon first!
    • Add speed to your longest long run.
    • Try to mimic the race course: i.e. if you are going to be running a hilly course, practice running up and down hills.
    • Practice drinking on the run! Get used to being able to hydrate or pop an energy gel while running and not having to stop.
    • Run a dress rehearsal. A few days before your race, make sure to run with all that you will be wearing on race day (hat, sunglasses, Fitletic runners belt or jogging belt, etc.)
    • Set goals
    • Eat breakfast
    • Warm up
    • Load up on carbs, not fat: During the last three days, concentrate on eating carbohydrate-rich foods, such as pasta, potatoes, bread, fruit and fruit juice, low-fat milk and yogurt, low-fat treats, and sports drinks.
    • Start slow
    • Relax
    • Think laps, not miles
    • Drink early, drink often: Keep hydrating so you don’t over heat without realizing it and end up cramping up.  Using a lightweight water belt for running from Fitletic will make it easy to keep water with you when you're on the go.
    • Play games: Do whatever you can to distract yourself from how much longer you have to run, sing songs in your head or whatever will help. (If you have a running phone belt, or phone armband, you can listen to your music as you go!)
    • Go hard late: Save energy to finish the race without too much (if any) struggle
    • Talk to yourself: Keep coaching yourself through the race, continue to tell yourself you can do this, you’ve worked hard for this and you will finish!
    • Don’t forget all your great gear!: Make sure you have selected the perfect accessories to accommodate your race needs. A Fitletic running belt or running water belt is a must! We offer different hydration belts & fuel belts with small storage pockets that will help you get through your marathon! Check out the different options on our site (fitletic.com)
    Next, consider how much mileage you will want to run to condition for the races you have in mind. If you are just starting to run, a general rule is usually to try and increase mileage by 10% each week. But then again, you may have to experiment because every runner is different. Incorporating rest days into your training is highly recommended. A good rule of thumb is to schedule three rest days a week for beginners and at least one rest day for more experienced runners. Make sure to listen to your body and try to avoid injury at all cost! Put together a training schedule depending on your goals and push yourself a bit extra when you can but definitely step back when your body is warning you to rest.
    Equipment is also important, because these days, most runners carry their phone, keys, and ID, along with other things when they run. A running water belt is always useful because it not only allows you to stay hydrated, but a sports belt with a running waist pouch gives you space for all your belongings.  If you are looking for something lighter, and still need a running phone holder, you can also check out a phone armband instead.
    Stretching and flexibility is of huge importance!  Make sure to stretch before and after so that your muscles are not cold and cramp up. In addition, make sure to hydrate before and after running!
    Wishing everyone a very safe and successful running season! Cheers!