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  • Treat Mom to a New Running Belt for Mother’s Day!

    January 23, 2018 2 min read

    Treat Mom to a New Running Belt for Mother’s Day!
    Does your Mom like to work out at the gym, take long runs on the local trail, or just go for the occasional walk in the neighborhood? Moms do a lot for us every day: they are constantly balancing supporting and cheering on their children with running errands and working a full-time job. We can take the time to give back to our moms that sacrifice so much for us this Mother’s Day! Show Mom you value the time and effort she puts into her healthy lifestyle and workouts with a gift from Fitletic! At Fitletic, we’ve just released some new products that are designed for the intense runner, the errand runner, the frequent flyer, and every mom in between. Fitletic has a gift for every mom!

    Here are some of the newest products Fitletic has to offer for Mother's Day:


    360° Running Belt

    This belt comes with two easy-to access pockets for all of Mom’s daily essentials, whether she’s going to the park or the grocery store. The pockets fit most large cell phones, and the belt comes in two sizes. If you like this design, but are looking for something smaller, check out our runners pouch, which still provides great storage, but in a much more compact fashion.

    Bolt Runners Pouch

    Looking for a gift for an athlete who carries a lot with them during their workout? With two pockets for extra storage, the Bolt is the perfect solution. It has plenty of space for all the needs for longer workouts, or for runners who like to separate their day-to-day items from their running essentials.

    Blitz Reflective Running Belt

    Is your mom always on the run, and the only time she has to actually run is before the sun has risen or after it has set? The Blitz would make a great gift for her, especially because of its reflective straps. Keep your mom safe during her run! Plus, the Blitz Running Belt is equipped with an earphone port, which means she can listen to her workout playlist as she runs while her phone is stored securely in the pouch!

    Zipless Running Belt

    Frustrated of running while trying to open a zipper to get access to your gel packs or cell phones? Our new Zipless Running Belt solves that problem. While giving your mom the same security as any of our zippered fit belts, the Zipless Running belt has a secure compartment that is easy to open, and there is no need to fiddle with any zippers during her workout! These are just our newest items, but we have water running belts for long distance runners, cell phone holders for running for moms who are always connected, and many more styles of running waist pouches. And remember- Fitletic’s running belts can serve multiple purposes; your mom doesn’t have to be a jogger or marathon runner to put our fit belts to good use!  If you’re looking for a great utilitarian gift for your mom or other important woman in your life, make sure to treat her well this Sunday!   Happy Mother's Day from Fitletic! Continue Reading: What To Buy for Back To School