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  • Creative Ways to Comply with Stadium and Festival Bag Policies

    February 14, 2022 2 min read

    Creative Ways to Comply with Stadium and Festival Bag Policies
    Sports and music fans worldwide are venturing back to games, festivals, and concerts after a couple of years of pandemic-related restrictions and cancellations. It’s exciting, but also a little confusing: What should I bring to the concert? How will I carry my stuff? 
    Many stadiums and event venues enforce a clear bag policy, which means patrons are only allowed a single gallon-sized clear plastic bag or a small clutch bag (the size of a large wallet) without a handle or strap. This can be limiting when you don’t want to hoist all of your things around in an awkward Zip-lock bag or leave everything but your wallet at home. 
    There is a way to wear your valuables in comfort and style:A Fitletic running belt!Here are a few creative ways to comply with stadium bag policies:

    Tips for using Fitletic running belt at a festival

    • Secure your valuables
    • Keep items close
    • Go hands-free
    • Stay dry
    • Quench your thirst
    • Keep snacks on hand
    Secure your valuables
    Secure your phone, keys, and wallet in the zippered pouch. This will keep your valuables inconspicuous and safe from theft. During an outdoor event, the pouch will also keep your things dry in inclement weather.

    Keep your items close 
    Have no fears about dancing the night away or wildly cheering your team: Silicone grippers and an adjustable waist belt will keep your stuff stable and secure. Bonus: you don’t have to worry about your purse getting dirty or stolen!

    Go Hands-Free
    An adjustablebelt will keep you comfortable no matter how long you’re at the event. You don’t have to hold your valuables in your hands or stuff a plastic bag under a seat.

    Stay Dry
    You’ll appreciate sweat-resistant Lycra fabric after an exhilarating game or invigorating performance.

    Quench your thirst
    Bottle holsters can be useful for summer outdoor festivals so you can have water on you at all times to prevent dehydration.

    Keep Snacks Handy
    Larger Fitletic pouches can hold snacks like nuts or granola bars, so you can avoid spending money on overpriced concession snacks.

    Best belts for use at concerts and stadium events:  

    • Blitz Sports and Travel Belt. A water-resistant, roomy pouch and interior pocket makes this a great all-around belt.
    • Bolt Fit Running Pouch: This streamlined, two-compartment design is both roomy and comfortable, perfect for holding all of your supplies both over and under a shirt or jacket. 
    • Fully Loaded Refuel Belt: Four outer loops and a flask holder add extra storage capacity.
    • Mini Sport Belt: Lightweight and discreet for those who want the most minimal presence from their gear.
    • Swipe Running Belt: A clear touch-screen window allows easy access to your phone while you’re dancing and cheering.