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  • Our Guide to Running during COVID-19 Pandemic

    May 04, 2020 3 min read

    Our Guide to Running during COVID-19 Pandemic

    Now more than ever, we are valuing our runs as our time to connect with both nature and our bodies, and of course to avoid going stir-crazy! Here are some of the things we are doing to keep ourselves and others safe when running during the corona pandemic.

    Running alone

    While we typically like running with a partner or in a group for added safety and motivation, we recommend running on your own during this time and sticking to social distancing practices. Try to think of this as an opportunity for self-care. Running alone gives you a chance to focus on yourself and gives your mind the escape it needs. If you are concerned about safety, make sure a friend or family member knows where and when you are running.

     Bring your own Hydration

    Make sure to carry your own water bottle to avoid public fountains. If you are planning a long run, or if you are the type of runner that needs to hydrate as you go, remember that you can add a bottle attachment to your belt. They are super comfortable, and best of all you can carry your own electrolytes everywhere!

    Keep your distance and avoid crowds

    Similar to our first rule of thumb to running during the pandemic, it’s important to avoid people as much as possible while out on a run. Try to run during times of the day when trails and streets are less busy. While running, do your best to keep as much distance as possible from fellow walkers and runners. The less people around, the better. If you have to run where there is people around , make sure you distance yourself around 10-12 ft from the other runners!

    Wear a protective mask or a multi scarf covering

    If there are people around while you are running, be sure to wear a protective mask or a cloth covering. You can even use a Fitletic Multi scarf as a comfortable option to keep your nose and mouth covered. If you can avoid people altogether, then wearing a mask is not necessary. But if there’s other runners around, please wear a mask or multi scarf…even if you’re keeping distance! 

    Keep your shoes outside

    Another great tip is to leave your shoes outside your door when you get back home from your run. Shoes carry tons of bacteria, so wearing shoes at home should always be avoided. Especially now, take extra precaution to leave your shoes outside and to clean them properly with disinfectant solution before bringing them in your home. 

    Carry gloves, napkins, or wipes with you

    If you need to touch shared doors or press traffic buttons, then bring gloves, napkins or wipes with you to keep your hands as clean as possible. Try to avoid touching your face while on your run. 

    Wash your hands

    Our last tip may be obvious, but it’s the most important! When you get home from your run, make sure the first thing you do is wash your hands and wash them well. To wash your hands properly, use the CDC’s guide to proper hand washing. Wash any clothing you wore outside in the laundry machine with soap and water, and try to take a shower right when you get back from your run.

    We hope these simple tips help you enjoy running at a time when we need it most! It may feel overwhelming, but it’s important to remain calm and take each day step by step. We’ll get through this together and even stronger than before.