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  • Maria Fernanda Casanova

    June 07, 2020 1 min read

    Maria Fernanda Casanova
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    Maria is from Caracas, Venezuela. She works as a doctor’s assistant and in 2017 she started motivating many people into the world of running. She lives a healthy fitness life but running, which started as a hobby, turned into a passion.

    Active Lifestyle:

    She loves running, swimming, biking, yoga, hiking and everything related to doing physical activities. Maria is preparing to do a sub 2 in a half marathon with the support of her family, friends and running team.

    2021 Goals:

    Running in another country is her dream and a goal that has always on her mind. She also want to continue being active and motivating many people to practice in sports because she knows it’s the best medicine in these difficult times.

    Belt of choice:

    Ultimate I running belt with gels! She likes it because it is perfect for running long distances, being able to store her cell phone, ID, energy gels and gummies.