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  • Reixa Camacho

    June 07, 2020 1 min read

    Reixa Camacho
    Reixa lives in hot and sunny South Florida. She is a runner and a certified personal trainer. Her love for long distance running came about in January 2015 when she witnessed a marathon/half marathon that was happening by the beach. Seeing all bodies, ages and backgrounds being represented inspired her. She ran the same half marathon on January 2016 in honor of her father. It was her favorite race and this will be her 6th year running it and her 18th half. The race is February 14th and it is a live race. Her goal for this race is a sub 2.
    Active Lifestyle:
    Reixa teaches group classes via zoom 3x a week, and also does yoga. She enjoys going to the beach all year round. 
    2021 Goals:
    Run a sub 2 half marathon and run a marathon for the first time.
    Belt of Choice:
    Hydra 16 Hydration Belt. Living in south Florida and running outdoors you always have to make sure you are well hydrated. She also likes the integrated bib toggles because her shirts do not get ruined.