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  • Running Armbands: Making Your Workout Easier

    January 03, 2018 3 min read

    Running Armbands: Making Your Workout Easier
    For serious athletes, or those just starting out, choosing the right gear is crucial. Through trial and error, you can find what is most comfortable for you, whether it be an armband, waist pack, or a backpack
    Depending on the length and intensity of your workout, you may not need or want to bring too much stuff with you when you run or work out. If you take the minimalist approach to your gear, having a lightweight running armband around your upper arm will make running a breeze while providing instant access to your phone.

    Choosing the Best Armband for Your Workout

    According to Travelers Today, “In safeguarding the physical aspects of your phone, it would be wise to use a special smartphone armband to wear around you when you hike, run, bike or perform extraneous legwork during your vacation.” Taking that into consideration, Fitletic makes four different smartphone armbands, and each of them  is designed with a different type of athlete in mind.

    Style Surge Pace Forte Hydralock
     orange surge running armband  yellow pace armband phone holder   green forte running band black and green hydralock waterproof armband
    Large Phones x x x x
    TrueTouch Technology x x x x
    Reflective Strip x x x x
    Dual Earbud Ports x x x
    Interior Pocket x x
    Uniqueness Factor Lightweight material, key clip Outer loop for energy gels Heavy-duty fabric and memory foam Great for rafting or kayaking

    All of Fitletic’s armbands come in two sizes based on the circumference of your arm, so be sure to measure your arm before choosing which size is best for you. Also, all the models secure to your arm with Velcro, so you never have to worry about them sliding down or coming loose while you are running!
    (It’s also important to note that while Fitletic’s cases are water resistant, none of the models have a waterproof armband case, so be careful if you get caught in the rain or end up in the water while rafting).

    General Qualities to Look for in an Armband

    The general qualities of an armband once again depend on your specific needs. However, here are the top five features of armbands to consider when choosing the best one for you:
    • WeightPhones are fairly heavy to begin with. How much weight can you stand to have on your arm while you’re working out? Make sure the band itself isn’t too heavy, while also keeping in mind the weight of the items you plan to put in the armband.
    • StorageAre you leaving your car for a while or concerned about the security of the lockers at the gym? An armband may not have a lot of additional space, but finding an armband that can hold your most valuable items (such as your driver’s license, keys, and one or two credit cards) could help you feel more secure while remaining hands free.
    • Sweat and Water ResistanceIf an armband does not hold up well against moisture, then it will be ineffective because you’ll spend the entire length of your run readjusting the band. Look for a band that is made of a sweat-resistant material (such as neoprene) to avoid a slippery armband. If you prefer outdoor activities that might involve your armband getting wet, like canoeing or rafting, then make sure your armband will keep your phone dry at all times while you’re on the go!
    • Phone SizeAre you upgrading your phone? Make sure there is enough space for the new larger smartphones because some armbands might be designed for what are now outdated models. If you are unsure about whether your phone will fit into the pouch, either try it yourself, or ask a customer service representative about which phones will fit into each model or case.
    • ComfortBefore buying the product, try it on. Move your arm around. See how it feels. This is a product that is going to be put to work, and if you don’t feel comfortable using it then you shouldn’t invest your money into it.
    In the end, the best phone armbands for running can only be determined by your needs. Running armbands are great lightweight storage devices that can be ideal if you only need to carry a few select items with you when run. Fitletic’s variety of products ensures that every athlete can carry what they need right on their arm during their workout or going through their daily routine. The best armbands are those that allow you to feel comfortable and enjoy your work out while safely carrying your essentials!

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