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  • Using a Fit Belt for Indoor Workouts

    January 03, 2018 2 min read

    Using a Fit Belt for Indoor Workouts
    Why does a fit belt have to be just for outdoor workouts? Here’s the thing: it doesn’t! You can use Fitletic’s running bands anywhere, including in the gym. If it’s raining, cold, or you just feel like changing your standard workout routine, take your equipment indoors with you and put it to work!
    Whether you want to hydrate quickly, stay connected to your phone, or protect your keys and ID, a running belt can give you the same benefits in a gym as if you were working out at your local park!

    Here are the top reasons for using a fit belt when you work out indoors:

    • Safekeeping of valuables– Concerned about the security of the gym locker, or worried that your key might drop somewhere during your workout and be lost forever? You can store your keys and other important items in a secure, easy-to-access runners pouch that sits right on your hips at all times. A zipped compartment makes sure they stay right where you want them.
    • Re-fueling– Sure, there are water fountains in the gym, but what if you’ve just hit your stride and don’t want to stop? A hydration belt will have a holster for an easy-to-use water bottle or places for your gels, giving you quick access to easy energy without requiring you to step off that treadmill or elliptical and allowing you to power through the rest of your workout.
    • Phone access– Want to listen to your favorite workout playlist, or track the number of steps you’re taking? A fit belt has plenty of room for most smart phones so you can activate your favorite fitness tracker app and always keep the beats playing.
    • No bouncing during exercises– Running on the treadmill? No problem! Push-ups? Never an issue! Boxing class? No sweat! The neoprene sweat-resistant material used on Fitletic’s fit belts makes sure the belt stays in place no matter how intense the workout, and its lightweight design keeps your focus on your workout goals and not on the need to keep track of your belongings.
    Working out in a gym is a perfectly strong alternative to running outdoors, and varying your workout can actually be good for you. It can force you to work out different muscles, change your attitude by giving you a new center of focus, and keep your workout routine interesting.
    A fit belt can still be a great addition to your workout no matter the location, and Fitletic makes a fit belt for athletes of all skill levels, from casual to intense. Whether you’re going to the gym once a week, or running the trail three times a week, Fitletic has a running band that will work for you!

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