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  • An Inevitable Truth

    January 22, 2018 1 min read

    An Inevitable Truth

    No matter what goals you set, the common denominator for each goal is CHANGE. How effectively you handle the discomfort caused by the change is what ultimately determines your success. But what's the secret to dealing with this discomfort as you work toward your goals?
    Having enough self-discipline to maintain a positive attitude while enduring the discomfort of change is key. To keep a sense of optimism once the going gets tough, you must train your brain to accept the fact that discomfort is part of your journey. Once you are at peace with this inevitable truth, your mind will be much more willing to continue stretching your comfort zone.
    The moment you begin pushing past the discomfort, you begin to cultivate the discipline necessary to persevere in the future. As you work through the daily grind, celebrate every small ounce of success that you can possibly identify. Share your successes with those around you as a way of acknowledging your growth, reinforcing your ability, and increasing your motivation to keep going. Soon, the roots of your optimism and confidence will grow to such depths that it becomes impossible to uproot them, regardless of the challenge.