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  • Reflections on Gratitude

    January 22, 2018 2 min read

    Reflections on Gratitude
    As William Arthur Ward once said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

    Think about it: How often have you felt the warm tingle of gratitude without sharing its beauty with the world—not necessarily because you didn’t want to, but because you simply forgot, were sidetracked by something else, or just didn’t make the time? This Thanksgiving, let’s infuse our lives with the spirit of the holiday & not only ‘be’ grateful, but SHOW our gratitude in all the beautiful ways it deserves.

    Here are just a few ideas:

    -Send a quick handwritten note to congratulate someone who has overcome an obstacle or achieved a goal. Tell them how grateful you are because it has sparked motivation in your own journey!

    -Take a handful of your over sized race t shirts that you rarely wear and give them to the homeless people you see on your drive to/from work. The appreciation on their faces will deepen your own sense of gratitude for how much you actually do have in your life.

    -Go to your local running store that not only takes their time recommending the perfect shoes & running belt, but has also created a supportive running community that feels more like your family. Submit a stellar review on Facebook, Yelp, or Google to encourage other runners to stop by & experience the same amazing support that keeps you coming back!

    -Think of some of your favorite race-day memories. Who made it special? Your friends running beside you? Your family cheering on the sidelines? The volunteers who kept your spirits up at the last aid station? The race director who announced your name as you crossed the finish line of your first half marathon? Send a couple quick handwritten 'thank you's' to let them know just how awesome they made your experience.

    -Go for your favorite workout--solo--and acknowledge your thanks for the simple fact that you are right here, right now and able to be doing the exact thing that makes you feel so happy, healthy, and whole.